Zero Motivation

Soooo we finally got snow here in Indy and yet I can’t get myself outside to take pictures. Just last month I was basically praying for snow so I could take pictures but now that it has come, and is in the process of melting, I have no motivation what so ever. Everyday I wake up, go to school, come home. That is seriously my life described in seven words. And the weekends aren’t much better. For some reason I just don’t want to do anything. Like deep down inside, somewhere where it can’t be found, I want to take pictures. I actually tried taking some yesterday but I felt like they were all the same as ones I have taken a long time ago. That’s how everything feels anymore, but then I try to switch things up and I don’t like the feeling of that either. I don’t know. I’m tempted to just quit photography. My family, friends, everyone is basically begging me to not quit but I feel like I’m stuck. I guess it’s kinda like I have run out of ideas, but then again it’s not. My camera comes with me everywhere I go and I still haven’t one of those moments in a long long long time where you go “WAIT! THAT IS PERFECT FOR A PICTURE!” It is just not there. I decided I would go ahead and download the pictures that I took yesterday onto my computer just to play with editing them. So I inserted the memory card into the computer and it tells me that it can’t download them. I probably spent like an hour and a half trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work and I just ended up getting soo frustrated that I quit. I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do. A small part of me wants to contintue and fight through this rough patch but a huge part of me just wants to quit. I guess I need something to inspire me. I really don’t know. I want to quit. And yet as I’m sitting here staring at the word quit, I feel like I “shouldn’t waste my talent”, as everyone says. I’m stuck.


One of my favorite things about photography is not having to be profesional to take the most amazing pictures. I’m not saying that I hate profesional photographers or anything, I’m inspired by their work, but I just really like to see people who are dedicated to it as a hobby take amazing pictures. Like myself, I am no where near being a profesional but I’m proud of every single picture I take because I took it. The picture may be the ugliest picture ever, but I’m still proud of it because it’s mine and I made it. Some people are too focused on what others will think. I care about what people think but I know that I’m not going to please everyone. I take pictures because I enjoy it, not because I’m good at it. If I seem to make someone enjoy or be amazed at my work that just makes my work a little more worth it. Another main reason I take pictures is because it is another way to show my creativity and to create more art.

I’m still in high school, and I recently got done with an intro to 3D art class. I was very inspired by my teacher. He will be someone that I remember forever because he has made such an influence on my life. He is not an art teacher to get paid and do nothing. He is an art teacher not only to teach you art, but to open your mind to new ideas, to show you that anything you want to make can be created, to show you that criticism can be a good thing, and that there can be “happy mistakes”. I would be working on a project and someone would come up to me and tell me something I could do to make my project even better. And its art, there will be many mistakes that happens along the way. I had some mistakes that changed my project completely, and some of them made my project better.

I guess I’m just trying to share something that I have learned. If I can just influence one person through my photography, my goal is complete. If I can inspire one person through what I do, my mission is complete. Just one person. If I can make one person enjoy their life a little more, my life is complete. I’m not only doing photography to influence or inspire someone. I love sharing my work with other people. My goal in life is change/influence/inspire/make someone pick up a camera/allow others to enjoy my work. It only has to be one of those, but if it’s only one person my goal is complete. Just one person.