The last two were actually taken while we were driving down the road. The picture of the guy playing jazz is one of my favorites. He

played the best jazz I have ever heard. The route 66 sign was something that I saw just walking around and I had to take a picture of

it. I have tons of pictures of art from the museum but these are my favorites. I happened to be a artist myself, I work with clay, but

these pictures inspire me sooooo much. The artwork seems to widen my imagination in a way. None of these were edited, but some

of them should be cropped a little. All of these were taken with my Canon Rebel T2i.

Chicago Signs

A few months ago we went to Chicago to go through the art museum and these to signs with fantastic quotes I found. The first was just outside the museum and the second was actually in the museum. Just having my camera with me when I find something like this keeps me doing what I’m doing. Both of these were not edited and were taken with my Canon Rebel T2i.