Okay so this is one of our cats, Sox. He’s kind of a mess though….he has cancer and FIV (cat HIV), and he’s just really old. He doesn’t

clean himself anymore and has lost a lot of weight but he seems happy and that’s all that matters. The last picture is my favorite I

love it. None of these were edited and were also taken with my Canon Rebel T2i.

Jesus Illusion :)

Okay so my grandpa used to make all kinds of illusions and such. At first all I saw was what looked to be symbols….that was all I saw the time when I took the picture. Anyways if you put one finger on the top and bottom of the white parts and you will see that it reads JESUS 🙂 I love this thing and if you still don’t see it then take a few steps back and then you might see it. Now all I see is the word Jesus and its hard to see just the symbols. Anyways! This was not edited and it was also taken with my Canon Rebel T2i.


I kinda like the way this picture looks. I like the overgrown plants, the little water in the bird bath, and the mossy brick edging. And I like the dark lighting. I’m not sure why but I have kinda been taking pictures after the sun sets to this light. I guess it’s just a phase, but I really like it. Anyways this was also taken with my Canon Rebel T2i and this picture wasn’t edited.