Need Input

Okay, so a few  people have been asking me to create photography tutorials…and I was curious to know how many people would actually benifit from them so…


So on Father’s Day we were walking around our town after we went to a car show and some had recently vandalized the pole and bike

racks with quick-ties. I absolutely love the idea and so I have recently added “vandalizing with quick-ties” onto my never ending

bucketlist. They were literally all over the conner and I had to take a picture of them. And the last one was just a cool alley we went 

by. Anyways they were actually taken with my phone (DroidX), which I would recommend for the camera, by the way. And I didn’t

edit them at all.

Ice Cream Parlor

Okay so there’s this amazing ice cream parlor on our town square that has been there forever and they have the most amazing ice cream ever! ….and they have like 47 different flavors, which makes it even better. Anyways these weren’t editted and are RAW…but they were also taken with her Canon T2i. I could go for some ice cream now….